2018 Drainage Plan

2018 Drainage Plan.png
Coming Soon!
In July of 2018, the Robideaux administration will launch aCapital Projects Dashboardallowing citizens to stay informed on important drainage projects in an open and easy-to-understand format.
In February of 2018, Lafayette Mayor-President Joel Robideaux shared his plan for parish-wide deferred maintenance drainage projects as the next steps in addressing drainage since the successful millage rededication. The rededication, passed by Lafayette Parish voters in November of 2017,  provides $9 million in one-time funding for deferred maintenance drainage projects plus $2.5 million for drainage each year.
The one-time funds have been appropriated to the priority projects shown on this dashboard. The progress or delays of each of these projects, as well as the budget, will be tracked for public viewing via this online tool. These projects have been rated by the number of addresses affected and cost per address, percentage area in a flood zone, number of FEMA and repetitive loss claims, complexity of each project, and any foreseen permitting issues.
While these projects are ongoing, Public Works continues to manage our day-to-day drainage maintenance needs, including roadside ditch and coulee excavation projects, cleaning litter traps and storm drains, repairing sinkholes, and flushing out culverts.
Follow the links below for the Mayor-President's February 2018 drainage presentation, including a list of projects and maps:

If you have questions about the Capital Projects Dashboard or about a project, please contact Public Works at 337-291-8502.​